Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Gates Revisited 2/23/05 in the melting snow

We revisited The Gates today on a colder but brighter day. Instead of starting south, we started above 86th Street by the Reservoir and walked south through some of our favorite Central Park venues--the Great Lawn, the Polish Statue, behind the Metropolitan Museum and, of course, by the Sailing Boat Pond with the Alice in Wonderland Statue. We walked and sat in the bright winter sun, intrigued by the ever-changing perspective of the blowing saffron Gates. As you can see, the bright saffron contrasts with the neutrals of winter. It was a wonderful afternoon which we shall not forget and which we know will happen again in this way!

Fences and Gates Posted by Hello

Pale Male's aerie Posted by Hello

Ducks and Christo Posted by Hello

Ducks and Christo Posted by Hello

Blowing in a breeze Posted by Hello

Relections in the Pond Posted by Hello

At the Sailing Pond--our favorite spot over the years Posted by Hello

Alice in CP Posted by Hello

The Sailing Pond with Gates Posted by Hello

Alice and Christo Posted by Hello

Cityscape Gates Posted by Hello

Polish liberator Gates Posted by Hello

Woody Gates, not Bill Posted by Hello

Gates at the Met Posted by Hello

Shadows and Gates  Posted by Hello

Defender of the Gates Posted by Hello

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saffron saffron and saffron at the Eldorado Posted by Hello

Pinetum and Gates Posted by Hello

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Grandma Son and Grandson Posted by Hello